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France Radio Pro

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France Radio Pro (ADS FREE) is an application that lets you listen Live and over Streaming to over 250 radio stations in France. You can find stations by region or category. For each station you will find more informations like City from where they broadcast, the main FM Frequency and website of the station. You can listen to your station while doing something else with your mobile. With all types of connections (3G, WiFi ...) stay listening where ever you are.A non complete list of Radios :
• Arl FM• Blackbox• Fréquence Grands Lacs• Gure Irratia• MFM Radio• Radio Campus Bordeaux• Radio Orion• Radio Pais• RIG Radio• Wit - Bien + que des Hits !• Xiberoko Botza• Africa 1 FM• Beur FM• BFM Radio• Chante France• Chérie FM• Espace FM• Europe 1• FIP • France Culture• France Info• France Inter• France Musique• Frequence Paris Plurielle • Fun Radio - Le son dancefloor• Generations FM• Latina • Le Mouv'• Nostalgie - La légende• NRJ - Hit Music Only !• OUÏ FM• Radio Campus Paris• Radio Classique• Radio France Maghreb• Radio Orient• Radio Soleil• RFI Monde• RFM Radio• RMC Radio• RTL• Skyrock - Premier sur le Rap• Virgin Radio - Un Maxx de Tubes• Altitude FM• Radio Campus Toulouse• Radio Larzac• RADIOM • Sud Radio• Toulouse FM• Fréquence Jazz• Hit & Sport FM• Impact FM• Lyon 1ère• Montagne FM• Radio Campus Grenoble• Radio Canut• Radio Judaïca• Radio Mega• Radio MTI• Radio Pluriel• Radio Pytagor• Radio Scoop• Radio Sun• Tropique FM• Virage Radio• Alternantes FM• Hit west• 3D FM• Comète FM• Frequence K• Kiss FM• Radio Camargue• Radio Chalom Nitsan• Radio Emotion• Radio Galère• Radio Golfe d'Amour• Radio Grenouille• Radio Raje• Radio Star• Radio Verdon• Radio Bienvenue Strasbourg (RBS)• Radio Dreyeckland• Radio en Construction• Radio Est FM• Villages FM• Bac FM• Radio Nevers• Littoral FM• Ràdio Arrels• Radio Aviva• Radio Cristal• Radio HDR • Canal fm• Contact FM• Delta FM• Metropolys• Radio Bruaysis• RJFM• Champagne FM• Lor'FM• Radio Declic• Radio Saint Nabor• Radio Studio 1• Radio Belle Vue• Canal B• Fréquence Mutine• Legende FM• Radio Bonheur• Radio Kerne• Radio laser• Radio Sing Sing• Radio Tempo• Radio TFM• ZenithFM• Méga FM• Radio Campus Orléans• Radio Campus Tours• Radio Pays de Guéret• FMC Radio• Radio Mercure• Radio Cadence Musique• Radio D4B